Most of the Duscholux shower enclosures can be produced to individual specifications.

The difference may involve the width and/or height of the enclosure. The use of additional profiles also makes it possible to find solutions for virtually every installation situation. 

These sealing strips are clipped to the glass, without being adhered to it. Thus they can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. 

The strips are a consumable material which are not covered by guarantee. You can order new strips via your plumbing materials supplier or from DUSCHOLUX direct. 

  • A moist cloth or a sponge will suffice for regular care, including of products enhanced with CareTec glass finishing.
  • For intensive care, we recommend Duscholux care and cleaning agents (see also the care product range).
  • Lime scale and dirt deposits adhere more firmly the longer they are left. The effort needed for cleaning can be significantly reduced by rinsing off the inside of the glass, first with hot then cold water, after showering and then drying with a squeegee or cloth.
  • CareTec glass finishing reduces the effort needed for cleaning, depending on the hardness of your water. As when you wash your car, even the most thorough job cannot remove all dirt, however it makes regular care substantially easier.

Real glass showers require regular care in order to maintain their appearance and function over the course of many years. 

Together with the Swiss Federal Material Testing and Research Centre, EMPA, Duscholux has developed an innovative finish for glass which significantly simplifies this care requirement. CareTec glass treatment creates a transparent protective film on the surface. 

This is durable for a long time thanks to the chemical bond to the glass itself. The transparent CareTec coating is not just water and oil-repellent, it also reduces the deposit of lime scale, dirt or soap residue on the surface. 

Comparison values with commercially available products demonstrate the excellent durability and functionality of CareTec. Long-term tests show that lime scale deposits are reduced by up to 80% on CareTec coated glass. 

We offer you various guarantees on shower walls, bathtubs or wall coverings. You can find out which conditions apply specifically to your product here

That depends on your use and care. We only use high-quality materials for our products. However, plastic sealing profiles, water-repellent strips and other components are subject to an ageing process. 

Please always replace these wear parts if they no longer fulfil their function sufficiently. Repairs caused by wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.

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Property developers and architects benefit from our extensive experience – even with new builds.

Whether it’s a free-standing villa, a condo or a multi-storey rental building – at your request, we support you from the initial planning stage right through to on-site implementation. As your expert partner, we can find the perfect solution together.


Our brand has always stood for quality, design and innovation. We guarantee you tried-and-tested safety – and ten years of spare parts after your purchase.

General Guarantee Conditions

If you ever require any spare parts for catalogue products, you can rely on an after-sales guarantee of ten years.
We only use high-quality and long-lasting materials for our products. Some components, such as plastic seal profiles and water-repellent strips are, however, prone to age-related wear and tear. They have to be replaced every once in a while. Wearing parts are not covered by the guarantee.
Here you can reorder your desired spare part right away.