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Glass Shield

When you’ve chosen a luxury shower enclosure it’s only natural that you’ll want to maintain it in sparkling new condition, which is why our factory applies Glass Shield easy clean glass protection now and which comes as standard on nearly all of our ranges.

What is Glass Shield?

Glass Shield is a non-stick invisible barrier made up of microscopic particles that bind themselves permanently to the glass surface. Using your Shower regularly will create soap and lime scale deposits on the glass of your enclosure, which, over time, can make the glass surface look stained and dull.

When your enclosure is protected with Glass Shield, the coating prevents the water, soap and lime deposits from clinging to the glass. One application will last from months to years, depending on the frequency of use and hardness of the water in your area. It will never crack, peel or dis-colour. This means the enclosure glass is easier and quicker to clean, and it also provides a more hygienic environment in which to shower.